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Capacity-Building in Conflict Resolution and Intervention Design


In response to a rapidly evolving geopolitical landscape, the Arab League recognised the critical need to enhance the skills and knowledge of its staff and member states in the area of conflict resolution. This comprehensive training initiative spanned a spectrum of conflict resolution processes and was uniquely tailored to address specialised circumstances, such as engagement with criminal armed groups. The Arab League sought three rounds of training sessions to be conducted over a six-month period.


Our team developed a series of training modules that covered essential topics, including conflict analysis, conflict resolution process design, and strategies for effective engagement with criminal armed groups. These modules were crafted to meet the specific needs and challenges faced by the Arab League and its member states.

To facilitate seamless learning, we compiled a comprehensive training pack, which included an array of valuable resources for participants. These resources were designed to enhance the training experience and serve as references for future initiatives.

Over the course of six months, our dedicated team conducted three rounds of training sessions. The training team, consisting of two experts in the field, ensured that the content was delivered effectively and that participants gained a deep understanding of the subject matter.


Over 100 staff members from both the Arab League and its member states benefited from the training program. These newly acquired skills and knowledge empowered participants to engage more effectively in conflict resolution processes.